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Dead or Alive
Unfortunately my publishers for Dead or Alive have gone out of business. But don't worry, we have found a new home for the book. Sapere Books will be bringing it out again in the next month.

It will be followed by The Gilli Gilli Man, a stand-alone thriller that ranges from the deserts of the middle-east to the arctic.

Then the sequal to Dead or Alive, Blood Pilgrim, will be published. Watch this space for more news.

4.8 stars on Amazon

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"This is a great thriller to read on a wet winter's day! The hero, a killer-for-hire with a strict moral code, is very appealing, something of a hybrid of Lee Child's Jack Reacher and Lawrence Block's Evan Tanner. The book is full of action, and it's hard to put it down.

"A fast paced thriller with some kinky sex thrown in.. A bounty hunter/hired killer becomes a target himself. His hench-person is a gal with strange sexual tastes. The tale is set in the Balkans where nothing is straight forward. If you like Lee Child's books, you'll love Dead or Alive."

Coming soon... 
The Gilli Gilli Man
An international terrorist and a magician play cat and mouse among the frozen Lapland fells. The prize is life or death...

Wobbling the Way
Exciting news - I am branching into travel writing. Next year, along with adventurer Henk van der Klok, I will be attempting a thousand mile trek through Siberia in winter. That will be a tale of thrills and danger.

But I have just completed the Camino de Santiago, and will be bringing out a book about the experience later in the summer. Click HERE for the opening chapter, to whet your appetite.

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