Dean Carson - International thrills...

The original hell-raiser. Richard Harris wanted to be a rugby star, but teenage illness put paid to that. So he tore up Hollywood, and became a major star. This is the story of one of the most remarkable actors of his generation.

Death &Destruction on the Thames in London

The gory story of the river that defines London, one of the greatest cities in the world. The murders, the shipwrecks, the executions, fires and plagues. An unusual slice of history.

Blood on the Streets
Limerick is a beautiful city on the west coast of Ireland - but has a dark underbelly. The town has seen more than its fair share of murders. This book recounts the story of the last man hanged in Ireland, the friends who fell out with murderous consequences, and other gruesome tales.

The Cruellest Cut
They may be the fairer sex, but women are no slouches when it comes to murder. Some hire a hitman, some do the deed themselves. Some see murder as an Irish form of divorce, while others are driven to the ultimate act by violence and alcohol. Includes the story of the teenage girl who killed twice.

Family Feud - Gangland Limerick Exposed
Limerick became embroiled in a gang war in the nineties, which saw the city becoming one of the most dangerous places in Europe. The cause was a family row, and a growing drugs trade. For the first time investigative journalist Anthony Galvin lifts the lid on the men behind the war.

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