Dean Carson - International thrills...
Who is Dean?

Even as a child I knew I wanted to be a writer. But it wasn't my number one priority. I also wanted to be an astronaut. I did get to meet Neil Armstrong once, but that is as close as I ever got to space.

I did a degree in science (specialising in physics and maths) then switched to journalism, doing ten years on the crime beat for a daily paper. My contact book is a gem - comedians and national politicians, side by side with professional hitmen. 

Then the need to show off got the better of me. For the past fifteen years I have run an entertainment agency, and travelled the world doing magic and hypnosis shows. Summer seasons on the Island of Kos, winters in Arctic Lapland, cruise ships, tours of the Middle East, and seances in haunted castles.

I have also written a number of books in a number of different genres - true crime, showbiz biographies, misery memoirs, even magic and public speaking.

When not writing I like to hike in exotic locations, such as Nepal, or go caving. I also enjoy mixed martial arts, and the odd triathlon to keep the blood flowing.

Over the next few years I plan on a number of more Tony Black/Dane Todhunter books, as well as a new series called Bounty Hunter. I am also working on an erotic thriller that will make Fifty Shades look like a Girl Guides manual. 

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